So, it's January already
American chrysanths in England

Finished the latest book!

Not Telling You The Title of Graham Rice's new book. Image and cover © (all rights reserved)Celebrations last night when both pictures and words for our latest book went off to Timber Press. Hooray! Family stuff and loss of power after Saturday’s monster snowstorm derailed us a little at the last minute (sorry, Timber) but finally it was done - although at the expense of posting regularly here, I’m sorry to say. Anyway, another Graham Rice / judywhite words-and-pictures collaboration is on its way. So, to mark the occasion, we drank champagne in bed and watched Oil City Confidential, a superb documentary about the British pub rock band Dr Feelgood. How’s that for a celebration?!

Sorry, but I can't tell you what the new book’s called (left, click to enlarge). It’s not out for almost a year, after all. And Planting the Dry Shade Garden, which came out a few weeks ago, is doing well and I wouldn’t want to steal its thunder.

So, what next, book wise? No shortage of ideas – got a long list of what I’d like to do and also of what I think gardeners need… not always the same thing, I’m sorry to say. The problem is always choosing the right idea from the many on the scraps of paper in the box at the back of the desk. Any thoughts? Perhaps I should combine gardening with another genre? How about Dig Yourself Thin?