Hellebores and snowdrops in Pennsylvania
Our bird count results


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I really like the new look and I agree about the name. But don't get rid of the cats!

Graham Rice

Thanks, Victoria, glad you like it. In fact the cats have been promoted up the sidebar... Perhaps one of these days they (and their reclusive sister) will graduate to having a whole post devoted to each of them...

Mike Grant

I like the new name and new look (although I struggle with the yellow font against pale green). And now, whenever you mention The Plantsman magazine it will stand out more!!!

Name Change Deed

Nice to hear that Transatlantic Plantsman is changing it's name to Transatlantic Gardener. (laughing) It has a very nice name actually. I like the new name. I really enjoy this blog and it's new look.

Graham Rice

Thanks for your kind words, folks, I appreciate it. And I'll check out that yellow font for the visited links and see if I can make it clearer....

jodi (bloomingwriter)

I am quite sure you could write about lint and I'd be interested, Graham, but yes, it looks fresh and wonderful. Love that the cats are here--some blogs have SIX cats, though. :-)

Karen - An Artists Garden

I do like the new look - very fresh

Graham Rice

Thanks Jodi, Karen... And Jodi - you'll never believe this - I already have it in mind to write a piece about lint! But not till the spring... And which blog has SIX cats?!


I like the new title and the new look, too. What do you think about those new black petunias? I suspect we'll be seeing many of those this summer.

foxtail lilly

Like it-love the header photo. Tx

Graham Rice

Thanks Foxtail Lilly and Cynthia, the new look's getting lots of positive responses here, on Twitter and by email.

Black petunias? Yes... I wrote them up for British gardeners here http://url.ie/9bu7 and here http://url.ie/9bu6 and I'm looking forward to trying them.

Fiona Gilsenan

Dear Mr. TransGardener

I have no cats. Is that why I coudn't really get into blogging?

Thank you.

Graham Rice

Blogging without cats is like, errr..., cooking without pans - or something.

More seriously: few garden people keep up regularly with a blog, and Twitter, a website, Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest. Most of us do some but not all.

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