Hellebore season
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Hellebores and snowdrops in Pennsylvania

Graham Rice,snowdrop,hellebore,snow. Image ©GardenPhotos.com (all rights reserved)
Rotten day, so not much of a picture – but here are some of the snowdrops and hellebores in our garden here in Pennsylvania. Not much to see, is there?! (even if you click and enlarge)

Underneath, of course, the ground is frozen solid to a depth I cannot determine without some form of mechanical digger. So instead of admiring the plants or doing a little gardening, as we would across the water in England, we’re counting birds in the Great Backyard Bird Count – from the cozy comfort of an indoor vantage point.

But you can see many of our hellebores, at least, in this earlier post.


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James Golden

How true. I went outside to burn some of my grasses today (while snow cover keeps it safe) and found snow still a foot deep in the shaded parts of the garden. Long wait for spring!

Graham Rice

Well, James... We have 7-10 inches of more snow forecast overnight tonight here in north east Pennsylvania. We shall see...

Graham Rice

And another 8in/20cm of snow has been duly dumped on to hellebores, snowdrops and everything else. And the lights are flickering...

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