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New series on plant combinations

WhichJan2011Small Just to let you know that I’ve started a new series for the British magazine Which? Gardening. It’s called Plant Partners, and on the back page of every issue of 2011 I’ll be recommending seasonal planting combinations to help you create attractive plantings right through the year. For the first issue, I’ve chosen white stemmed Rubus cockburnianus and the stinking hellebore, Helleborus foetidus.

Which? Gardening is one of a number of impressivelt impartial magazines, without advertising, produced by Which? (it was called the Consumers' Association when it began in 1957). Which? is a bit like the US magazine Consumer Reports and they also publish magazines on travel, money and computing as well as the more general Which? Magazine.

The January 2010 issue also includes tests on seed compost, shredders and whether it’s practical to grow peppers outside in Britain. My piece is not available online, so try a short trial subscription.


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dheckert (Scholar's Garden)

What a great idea! So often, you jut want a little pocket of plants that will look good at the same time, rather than sprinkling seasonal things around. And your first one looks great!

Graham Rice

That's exactly the idea, dheckert. For those of us with small gardens, one plant of each will create a lovely seasonal association. Those gardeners with more space can create a more expansive display with more of the same plants.

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