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Amazing acer for winter stems

Acer,negundo,Winter Lightning,Wisley,winter stems. Image ©GardenPhotos.com (all rights reserved)
While we were in England over the holidays, we naturally visited the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley, just outside London on the south side. The lakeside highlight was the stunning display of shrubs grown for their winter stems which gleamed in the gloom even on a cloudy afternoon.

As well as all the dogwoods, Cornus, and willows, Salix, familiar and rare, one plant in particular stood out – Acer negundo ‘Winter Lightning’. I’d never heard of it, I have to say, there’s only one stockist listed in the RHS Plant Finder (in the US it’s available from Forest Farm). But its surge of tall stout green stems, yellower towards the base, was simply stupendous - like a monstrous green porcupine from outer space!

It overtopped the dogwoods and willows grouped around it and as a specimen amongst their more slender red, black, orange, green and yellow stems it really stood out. I want one.


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Aund Maud

Very nice indeed. I had never heard of it. How old is the specimen shown?

Graham Rice

I don't know how old that specimen is, Aunt Maud, but it must have been there quite a few years - though with its obvious vigor perhaps not for as long as we might suspect.


nice shot!
its like a turtle with those spikes on the back.

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