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New brassica hybrid Petit Posy. Brussels sprout, kale, Tozer. Image ©Thompson & Morgan Seeds. It’s not often we get a brand new vegetable in our catalogs but this season sees exactly that – at least in Britain. It’s a hybrid between kale and a Brussels sprout! And the result is, basically, a Brussels sprout plant that produces fluffy buttons – and tastes of spring greens. It’s called Petit Posy™.

This first season it comes in a mix of three colours: purple, green, and green with purple. Bred by top Britsh veg breeders Tozer Seeds, just down the road from the Royal Horticultural Society garden at Wisley, in Surrey. Tozer say that you can steam the leafy heads like ‘Cavello Nero’ or kale and stir fry the florets. And the plants are tough, they’ll stand the winter well. And Petit Posy™ has been developed by traditional breeding techniques, no GM.

Petit Posy™ will also be available in Marks and Spencer food stores in Britain from next Monday, 25 January.

Tozer have also been crossing ‘Cavello Nero’ and red Russian kales with ornamental brassicas to create highly mildew-resistant decorative edibles to sell in packs in the same way as baby leaf salads and of course these will soon come through to the home gardener.

In the meantime try Petit Posy™ – at least they didn’t call this sprouts/kale hyrids Krouts or Sprale.

You can buy seed of Petit Posy™ from Thompson & Morgan.

You can buy young plants from Dobies and from Suttons.

T&M Worldwide will also send seeds to most countries around the world – but not to North America.


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They do look pretty. Any idea if they'd be easier to grow than regular sprouts?

Graham Rice

As far as I now - just the same. But I've not had a chance to try them yet.

Fiona G

Must try these; sounds potentially delicious. I love kale but I think anything that makes it a bit sweeter could be fab. But Petit Posy? Imagine writing a recipe? "Saute Petit Posy in hot oil for 5 minutes"--like you are doing something nasty to a children's toy.

Graham Rice

Hmmm... saute - that's an interesting new euphemism...

Now I'm back in Britain for a couple of weeks, I'll be popping in to M&S to get some and give them a try.


These have been sold in Japan under the name "poochi veil" for almost 10 years - and local company takes credit for the development. Given the time lag, I'm inclined to agree.

They are absolutely delicious, though. With a little butter, even my 7 year old loves them (the trade-offs of life...)

Graham Rice

Fish - it's entirely possible that both a Japanese plant breeder and a British breeder had the same idea at more or less the same time and developed similar plants. But if your seven-year-old likes them, they must be good. I've looked for them on my last two trips to Britain and never found any.

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