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Bearporchdoor400 I was just walking through the living room, looked out on the porch and there was this bear – looking in. He/she seemed rather drowsy… sat down for a while… wandered round… pulled a few blueberries off a bush…  and lay down in the shade… But judging by the cobwebs on his/her head he/she’d been rooting round under the deck.

Great to see such a lovely creature up close… But such unconcern for people indicates a short life, I’m afraid.


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Wow what a wonderful experience, such a lovely animal.would he have tried to eat you if you went outside? what will happen to him now? will it be safe for him to live in your garden?

Graham Rice

Well, actually, the bear then walked round and started to climb up to the deck where the bird feeders are... I went out and banged on the deck rail and he/she (about 8ft away) had a change of heart and wandered off into the woods.

We live out in the woods, only part of the garden is fenced, and we see bears every few weeks or months. Each bear has a large territory of a number of square miles. They're generally shy and banging or whistles scare them off. This one was less nervous - which will probably mean the hunters will get him/her in our hunting season later in the year.

Debbie TT

I live in bear country too. Our neighbors had to quit feeding suet to the bears, er birds. The bears would tear the poles down on their deck to get to the suet.

One raced through our yard with a dog chasing after it. I just stood there with my shovel not moving. I think I stayed in that position for another five minutes before I dared to move. Enjoyed your blog!

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