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What a garden writer reads

Skylight All writers read, or at least they should, and after I slipped blearily on a magazine getting out of bed early this morning it occurred to me that I’d accumulated quite a lot of bedside reading matter. And I thought I’d list it all, in no particular order. So here goes. It’s a snapshot of my bedside reading life.

Skylight Confessions – Alice Hoffman
    The latest from the specialist on strangeness in suburbia.
Street of Laredo – Larry McMurtry
    Lonesome Dove was just wonderful; this is next.
Becoming a US Citizen – Your Legal Companion
    I have a feeling a legal companion is exactly what I’m going to need when I embark on this adventure.
The Hanging Garden – Ian Rankin
    Features an Edinburgh Detective Inspector; my mum loves them, I find them rather variable.
Brown Eyed Girl – Mariah Stewart
    A mystery, passed across by my lovely wife judywhite.
Out Cold – William G. Tapply
    Another passed across.
Best of Zane Grey, Outdoorsman
    A gift from my daughter, Lizzie. Excellent.

S is for Silence – Sue Grafton
    I’ve read them all, I think (including this one). Great fun.
The Things they Carried – Tim O’Brien
    Vietnam memoir, highly recommended by judy.
Child of My Heart – Alice McDermott
    Not sure where this came from…
The Coffee House – A Cultural History
    Another great present from Lizzie.
We Are All Welcome Here – Elizabeth Berg
    The wonderful Elizabeth Berg – highly recommended.
Bad Dirt – Annie Proulx
    More gems from Wyoming.
Heuchera, Tiarella and Heucherella - Charles and Martha Oliver
    A plant book! And an excellent one.

Magazine and journals
Pennsylvania Fishing Summary 2007
    I still can’t quite fathom the distinction between fishbait and baitfish. I'd never seen either term before I came to PA.
Information Week
    Three copies of this free weekly I shall probably never read.
Harpers magazine – December 2006
    Open at: Barak Obama, Inc: The Birth of a Washington Machine. BTW, no mention of global warming  on his website, I’m afraid. And not on Hilaray Clinton’s or Rudy Giuliani's either. John McCain and John Edwards, however, seem to take it seriously while Dennis Kucinich mentions it on 130 webpages!
Harpers magazine – Arpil 2007
    I’ll get to this soon…
Hardy Plant Society, Mid Atlantic Group Newsletter – March 2007
    Always interesting, one day I must travel to a meeting (200 miles, probably)
American Gardener – March/April 200-7
    Open at a review of Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart.
British Iris Society Newsletter – Spring 2007
    This society is invaluable to iris enthusiasts, the world over.
NorthWest Garden News – March 2007
    Slightly mystified that my article for this issue is listed in the Contents but seems to be missing from the magazine…
Private Eye – 30 March 2007
    Superb British satirical and investigative fortnightly.
Which? Gardening – April 2007
    From the Consumers Association in Britain.
Watsonia – February 2007
    The Journal of the Botanical Society of the British Isles.
BBC Gardens Illustrated - March 2007
    Elegant and informative, as ever.
The Journalist – March 2007
    The magazine of the National Union of Journalists in Britain.
Offsets – Winter 2006/207
    The newsletter of the British National Auricula and Primula Society, Southern Section.
The Plantsman – March 2007
    Open at the excellent Don’t Blame the Aliens by David Pearman (read it here). Gotta write to the editor and support his refreshingly unalarmist view.
Thompson & Morgan Magazine – Launch issue
    A new magazine from T&M in Britain. I used to edit their previous magazine… long long ago.
Print out of a review of  Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet by Mark Lynas
    From Sent by my friend Agris back in England.

Plus about six local papers.

White Flower Farm – Spring 2007
Ball Colegrave  - New Additions Autumn 2007
Miller Nurseries - 2007
Van Bourondien – Spring 2007
Rare Find Nursery – 2007

You didn’t expect a picture of all this, did you?