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Book Bullet: Heirloom Bean Grower’s Guide by Steve Sando

HeirloomBeanGrowersguide-9781604691023lOK. The return of the Book Bullets. Now that growing food is becoming so popular, we’re getting away from books about growing edibles in general and seeing more books on growing individual crops. And this is vital because it ensures that food growers appreciate the often dramatic differences between individual varieties of the same crop. And just one quick look at this book reveals the vast variety of edible beans. And this is just Steve Sando’s top fifty.

There’s excellent advice on how to grow beans, written in an infectiously enthusiastic style - but frankly, as Steve says, they’re pretty easy to grow. Then the heart of the book is the bean-by-bean guide.

British gardeners will be surprised to see runner beans grown for their seeds, indeed the book tends to pass the European enthusiasm for fresh beans on one side, but everyone will be taken by the variety of colors and flavors and uses.

Although focused on heirlooms, and New World heirlooms in particular, there’s plenty to tempt the gardener – and the cook.

The Rancho Gordo Heirloom Bean Grower’s Guide by Steve Sando is by published by Timber Press.

  • Reveals the humble bean as a delicious and attractive, yet easy to grow, gourmet food.
  • Passionately written, elegantly illustrated – and with recipes too.



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Dan The Gardener

Think this can be a very informative guide. Can't wait to grab a copy of this. Do you know where can I get a copy of it?

Graham Rice

Just click on the amazon button at the end of the post, Dan.

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