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New hellebore breeding

The Garden, December 2009, hellebores. Images ©RHS.Last month I published two articles on recent and upcoming developments in hellebore breeding. Both are now available online at the Royal Horticultural Society website.

In the December issue of the Royal Horticultural Society's membership magazine The Garden I wrote about hybrids between the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, and other hellebore species. Read it here.

In the December issue of Royal Horticultural Society's subscription magazine The Plantsman I've focused on  hybrids between H. niger and the Lenten rose, H. x hybridus. Read it here.



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Not a comment on your wonderful hellebore articles (thanks so much for the links). But you did ask for improbable "plant" photos - check out this magnolia from the Telegraph site!

Graham Rice

Oh boy, that's certainly another! What makes them think that this represents a real plant in a real pot?!

panier jp

Hi Graham,

Could you tell me where friends coming from Japan soon at the end of february, could see Hellenbores in GB particularly dress ? Nurseries, gardens open to the public, exhibitions ...
Thanks for an advice.

panier jp

I wanted to write Hellebores of course.

About your article in the last "The Garden" I have a photo taken at Wisley of H. Walberton's Rosemary. Would you like to get it ? I can send it to you. Try this link to my blog (private for familiy and friends)

panier jp

No answer from Graham. Sorry about having asked an advice from you. I beg your pardon...
In fact my friend has scheduled going to Ashwood and Phedar. It could have been interesting to tell them others such interesting places for Hellebores if they exist ...???

Graham Rice

Sorry JP, I got no notification about your Jan 12 Comment from Typepad - one of the very few occasions it's slipped up. And I can't get into your page anyway as it is, as you say, private. I'd like to see your photo, though.

I'd also suggest visiting Harvey's Garden Plants ( and Farmyard Nurseries (

panier jp

Thanks Graham ! I shall give those links to my friend.
I shall send you soon an invitation for reading my blog where you will see Helleborus "Walberton's Rosemary" at Wisley where I was with my friend Richard Bird.
Do you know Thierry Delabroye ? Very kind nurseryman in France. I Hope going and visiting him in February for the "Journées des Hellébores" !
All the best.

Graham Rice

Thanks, JP. I've written up Thierry's heucheras in various places, and exchanged emails, but don't know him personally.

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