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February 22, 2008


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We absolutely love the baptisias here and like you some are in less than full sun and still are wonderful. The cultivar Carolina Moonlight joined the garden last year but did not bloom, hope this year will see the yellow blooms join out blue and white ones.

Frances at Faire Garden


I am trying several of the new baptisias this year.~~Dee

Graham Rice

My problem is that the sunniest area of the garden is also the wettest... So if I moved them I'd exchange one problem for another.


gardening in drought conditions is a mere "pipe dream" for me here in rainy Lancashire, last year we had over 5ft of rain


A friend who moved from town to 50 acres planted baptesias along the walking trail and a tour at her place was my first introduction to them - 3 colors.
They had grown from seed to 2-feet tall their first year.

Then, on a garden tour in Little Rock, I saw one at P. Allen Smith's home. His was almost 8-feet tall and blooming.

I had no idea they could look so dramatic. Now that I've read your column, I realize that Smith must have had one of the new cultivars.

Our weather is perfect for them so I'll have to add to my current collection of only one specimin.

Love your blog, Martha


I've always loved good ol' B. australis (False Blue Indigo), and am continually impressed by it's prolific flowering and overall size.

I planted both 'Twilite Prairieblues' and 'Screamin Yellow' in late 2006, and am looking forward to seeing how they perform this year.

One thing to keep in mind with this genus, is that in general, they need 2-3 years in the garden to reach their full potential.

Cheers, Mark

Mike Grant

Readers of Graham's blog might like to see Tony Avent's article on Baptisia in the Dec 06 issue of The Plantsman.
Read it here:

Graham Rice

Glad you like blog, Martha - and your extra baptisias are going to be spectacular once they've had the time Mark suggests to become established.

And yes... Tony Avent's piece in The Plantsman is excellent - sorry, I'd forgotten all about it. Too many things wizzing round my head!

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Bloom-Again Orchids

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

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