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February 12, 2007


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Thanks for the recommendation. I didn't know Irene's blog; I will have to check that out. Looking forward to your sweet pea book as I haven't had much luck with them--yet.


If someone wants to set up their own blog, it is worth reading Jakob Neilsen's advice on weblog usability: the top ten mistakes on
I see so many blogs where noone makes a comment - alright if you just want your own online diary.
To get that formula where people join in, is not that easy!


and a selection of a few more weblogs, podcasts on

Graham Rice

Thanks, Kathy, I'll be posting on sources of sweet pea seed before too long. And yes, William, Neilsen's advice is excellent and thanks too for the link to your list.


I was busy making notes--I've always wondered how some people seem to know I've added a new post immediately--and then I saw my blog listed. Thanks for the recommendation, Graham! And thanks for the information, too. I came to the world of blogging rather late and am still playing catch-up.


Thank you for the link back to my blog and the good info on how to keep track of blogs one enjoys reading.

Ellis Hollow

Another option with tab browsers (even IE7 has that feature now), you can just set up a session with all you favorite blogs in different tabs.

Graham Rice

I'm also relatively new to blogging, and could have done with some basic advice when I started. The tabbed browsing is a good idea, Craig, I use that too sometimes - though it's easy to get overloaded with tabs! Then I forget, and close the whole window instead of just one tab!

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Published last year

Bloom-Again Orchids

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

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